serial Date Project Address Owner Consultant Status Description Schedule Notes Reporter
65 11/17/2007 Barracks Building Winter Island

Feasibility Study complete. Application for funding underway
63 11/17/2007 Bertinis Canal Street

Neighborhood Plan?

64 11/17/2007 By Pass Beverly to Washington Street
In Construction
Scheduled for completion 8/2009. Ahead of schedule SEN Duncan
51 11/17/2007 Chapel Hill Off Clark Avenue

City Council denied change from industrial to residential 26 single family houses proposed

44 11/17/2007 Courthouse, New Federal/Bridge Streets Commonwealth of Massachusetts (DECAM) ICON Architects (original study) In Design New courthouse and facilities to consolidate and expand the existing courts in Salem
Goody Clancy selected as consultant about June, 2005 Duncan
61 11/17/2007 Downtown Retail Plan

Near completion

45 11/17/2007 Goodhue Street
Robertos LaGrasse Zoning variance granted New residential/commercial

35 11/17/2007 MBTA Parking Garage At Salem Depot MBTA/City of Salem/Guilford Industries TAMS Unknown Proposed new garage for up to 1,000 cars to serve the rail commuters and new Court

62 11/17/2007 NACD (Neighborhood Area Conservation District) Study

Massachusetts Historical Commission Grant received
Steering Committee being established Duncan
46 11/17/2007 Old County Jail
City of Salem New Boston Ventures/Finegold Alexander In design Reuse
Close transfer in mid December 2007 Duncan
50 11/17/2007 Old Salem News Building Washington Street

Permits for new building approved. Old building demolished

54 11/17/2007 Old Town Hall

Reuse as Arts/Cultural Arts Center
RFP expected to be issued Jan -Feb 2008 Duncan
47 1/5/2008 OSRAM Bridge/ Boston Bridge/Boston Streets

New mixed use building approved

59 11/17/2007 Palmer Street Housing Palmer Street

In Construction New CBDG Housing

49 11/17/2007 River View - Salem Suede

Zoning variance granted is being challenged Zoning Board granted variance for 130 units.

53 11/17/2007 Satella Lane Satella Lane Singleton/Luster
at Zoning Board of Appeals 15-16 units

60 11/17/2007 Small Development Projects Guide

Open for Business Web based application process

48 1/5/2008 St. Joseph’s Church Lafayette/Harbor Streets Arch Diocese of Boston
Zoning variance granted is being challenged Church and Complex including school and “convent” closed August 2004
City Study finished; Archdiocese development arm purchased
52 11/17/2007 Thomkins Furniture Essex Street

In Construction Conversion to 20 residential with parking

66 11/17/2007 Transfer Station

RFP for private contractor out. New parameters: 100 tons per day in. Increase to 650 tons per day (5-6 trucks per hour)
Need environmental cleanup. Silva
55 11/17/2007 Waterfront

Salem Ferry
70,000 riders this year Duncan
56 11/17/2007 Waterfront Blaney Street

Port Expansion
New Wharf expected at Blaney Street Duncan
57 11/17/2007 Waterfront

Harbor Plan update
Draft will be discussed 11/27/2007 Duncan
58 11/17/2007 Waterfront

Harbor Walk
ConCom has approved. Chapter 91 in process. Need National Grid agreement. Duncan