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  O u r  M i s s i o n

Is to keep the citizens of Salem informed as to the issues that affect our daily lives and our City. We hope to make it easier for people to share information and to know about important events and meetings

  O u r  H i s t o r y

Our history is very short in some respects, and very long in other respects. It is very short in that the electronic media has allowed us to post this information only in the recent past, It is very long in that Salem has always had groups and individuals interested in the city's welfare.

This Association and this Website are not affiliated with any political candidate and its founding members have no financial interest in Salem matters.

  C o n t a c t  U s

Salem Citizens Association can be reached through EMail at: wizard@salemcitizens.org

   Future Development of this site

We are developing a mechanism for written feedback where people can provide us with comments and contribute additional information. We are also hoping to post the Agendas of City Boards, including the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Planning Board, and the Salem Redevelopment Authority. Stay posted.


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