Books on Revitalization of Cities and Waterfronts

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These are in order of author's last name

All five of these books deal with the issues we are facing in Salem; the Main Streets Program, "Shop Salem", the Harbor Plan, the "By-Pass Road", Residential, Commercial and Industrial development.


In general they are written from the viewpoint that the ills and troubles of existing cities can be addressed in a positive fashion.

But - the issues must be addressed.


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Breen, Rigby

Ann, Dick

Waterfronts - Cities Reclaim Their Edge

Duany, Plater-Zyberk, Speck

Andres, Elizabeth, Jeff


Suburban Nation - Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of The American Dream

Gratz, Mintz

Roberta Brandes, Norman

Cities Back From the Edge - New Life for Downtown

Grogan, Proscio

Paul S., Tony

Comeback Cities


Jane Holtz

Asphalt Nation - How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take It Back

Moe, Wilkie

Richard, Carter

Changing Places - Rebuilding Community in the Age of Sprawl