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A development has been in the works for a a few years, which would involve land swaps and the construction of a new Salem water tower in the vicinity of a proposed Wal-Mart renovation of their existing store and a new Lowe's department store located adjacent on Highland Avenue.

A report has been submitted to the Executive Office of Energy and Environmaental Affairs of Massachusetts, specifically the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office. This was submitted on December 28, 2008.

The title of the report is

Expanded Environmental Notification Form, Proposed Lowe's, Wal-Mart and Meineke Expansions, and Future Camp Lion Improvements, Highland Avenue Salem, Massachusetts

This report is quite lengthly, and has been mounted here in individual pieces for reference:

Please be patient. These files, particularly the larger ones, take quite a few seconds to download even with a high speed internet connection.

Location Map  
Front End 23 pages, 4Megs
Appendix A - Supplemental Project Information 85 pages, 10Megs
Appendix A Charts 19 pages, 46Megs
Appendix B - Distribution List and Public Notice of Environmental Review 4 pages, 0.25Megs
Appendix C - Wetland Report 90 pages, 38Megs
Appendix D - Agency Correspondence 7 pages, 0.5Megs
Appendix E - Traffic Impact And Access Study 500 pages, 20Megs (Yes, 500 pages)
Appendix F - Greenhouse Gas Analysis 53 pages, 1Megs
Appendix G to EENF - Drainage Report 238 pages, 9Megs
Also See Spring Pond Material





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