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February, 2002 advertisement for apartments at the Jefferson at Salem Station

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Photographs of Presentation Boards (We will mount the final elevations when they become available)

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The Planning Board closed the public hearing on June 15, 2000, and immediately approved the plan. The plan was filed with the city clerk on or about Friday, August 11, 2000. There is a 20 day appeal period following the fiiling.

The Public Hearing was closed on June 15, 2000, and the project was immediately passed by the Planning Board.

The details of the elevations are being worked out with the Planning Board, Planning Department, and an independant architect advisor. These final plans will be shared with the public by the Planning Department prior to being filed. The developers still need approval from MEPA (Massachusette Environmental Protection Agency) and a Chapter 91 license, along with approval fro the Massachusetts Historical Commission.

Specific Data:

Number of Units: 232± in central area, additional 48± in secondary site at northeast.

Type of units: mix of one and two bedroom - all rental. Unit size 850 fs to 1100 sf, rent $1.50 per square foot per month

Market: Young singles and marrieds, empty nesters, anticipated stay - one or two years.

The developers have decided not to wait for the final Bridge street configuration to be finalized by the state (Mass Highways), before bringing the plans to the Planning Board. The present plans can be developed independantly of the By-Pass Road.

The proposal is to develop the site under a PUD (Planned Unit Development) process at the Planning Board. This provision in the zoning code permits an appropriate mix of uses to be constructed on a parcel, which ordinarily would not be permitted under the current zoning. (The current zoning is industrial, which does not permit residential or certain types of commercial use).

The plan consists of a centerpiece of residential surrounded by some commercial - stores and a hotel were mentioned. The residential component is proposed to be 200+ rental units, primarily one and two bedrooms. A piece about an acre and a half in size at the northeast corner, across the new Bridge Street, is shown as aa ATM drive-in use. The southwest corner near the existing railroad tracks is shown as an undefined retial use, with vehicular access from Bridge Street.

Comments from the public seemed to concentrate on the issue that while the plan was positive in concept, it appeared that the development did not take the urban context into account, and seemed to be a suburban closed in community type of plan. The importance of maintaining visual access to the North River was also suggested. It was recommended that the developer explore ways of improving the pedestrian connection to the city, and also explore alternative spatial arrangement of the buildings to reflect the urban patterns of Salem. Concern was also expressed that the small parcel at the southwest corner not be developed for a drug store or similar strip mall type development.



Housing Developer: JPI, Inc.

Attorney: Joe Correnti, Serafini, Serafini & Darling

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