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Discussion regarding environmental conditions at Boston Street site

It has come to our attention that the site (reportedly not the ground under the drug store) may be contaminated . An Environmental Consultant has been hired by Walgreens and is testing the area, as well as the street, to determine the extent and conditions.

Reportedly, the site was never "signed off" by DEP

A follow up of a meeting with residents October 4, 2000 will be held November 1, 2000 at AOH on Boston Street. The environmental consultants will provide and update on the results of testing to determine possible contamination of site

It was revealed that the Walgreeens Drug Store site was apparently never "signed off" at the State level prior to occupation. The site has quite a bit of contamination under the asphalt parking lot, which is probably slowly working its way towards the North River.

A follow up meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, 2000, 7pm at the AOH on Boston Street.

Also, a "Brownfields" meeting is scheduled for January, TBA (To be Announced)

This meeting wil take place on Thursday, January 4, 2001. See "Meetings" page