North River Corridor Study Committee

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 Consultant (Goody Clancey) January, 2004 Report Now On Web - Hit this (Hit this for The Summary Map Only

June 17, 2004 Report of Committee, Neighborhood Mixed Use District (Superceded by the Draft Zoning Document - see below)

Implementation Committee Meeting Schedule (Scroll down to see latest draft Zoning Document)

Planning Process Schedule








Dec 11, 2002

Vision Statement


Jan 8, 2003

Vision Statement (continued) Responses to RFP are opened


Feb 5, 2003

Review of Existing Plans (Final Selection of Land Use and Traffic Consultant


Mar 5, 2003

First Meeting with Land Use and Traffic Consultant


Apr 14, 15, 2003

Identification of Plan Alternatives (and Charette)


May 7, 2003

Transportation Plan Review


Jun 4, 2003

Draft Plan Review


July 2, 2003

Final Plan Review

11.5 October, 2003 Master Plan finalized. See it at Master Plan


Feb 9, 2004

Mayor and Planning Department submit new B-6 Zoning to City Council


March 3, 2004

Implementation Committee first meeting

14 April 7, 2004

Implementation Committee second meeting (Note: B-6 Pulled from consideration by City Council)

15 April 14, 2004 Public Hearing at City Council for B-6 Zoning (Pulled from consideration c-4/7/04)
16 April 21, 2004 Implementation Committee third meeting
17 May 5, 2004 Permitted and Prohibited Uses.
18 May 19, 2004 Site Plan requirements and Purpose of District.(At Salem Police Station)
19 June 2, 2004 Density Regulations.
20 June 16, 2004 Parking Regulations.
21 June 21, 2004 Submit to Planning Board and City Council for joint Public Hearing
22 June 23, 2004 Planning Board and City Council to hold Public Hearing - City Hall
23 July 21, 2004 Meeting to discuss findings
24 August 25, 2004 Meeting to discuss findings
25 September 22, 2004 (Next to Last) Last meeting - to discuss draft Zoning Document (Hit this to see the 9/14/2004 documents)
26 October 6, 2004 Last meeting - Zoning Document approved; to be sent to City Council/Planning Board (Hit this to see the 9/22/2004 document) (In pdf format)
27 November 2, 2004, revised 11/14/2004

Three useful documents here:

October 18, 2004 Zoning document sent to the City Council 10/20/2004 (in pdf format)

Hit this for *Highlights*. only (one page)

Also, Hit this for a "Reader's Guide" to the Zoning Document

City Council will hold a public hearing in January, 2005.

28 October 21, 2005 City Council will hold a meeting October 25, 2005 to discuss the ordinance. However, apparently there are a couple of dozen amendments that may be proposed. The current plans call for a continuance to November 14, 2005 for a potential vote. The minutes of the Planning Board's September 1, 2005 meeting during which the subject was discussed and Recommendations made to the City Council can be seen here.
29 October 25, 2005 The Committee met and after discussion voted to meet Tuesday, November 1, 2005 as a Committee of the Whole to address the "Amendments" submitted by Councilor Bencal this day. Additional "Amendments" or concerns (recommended that they be in writing) should be submitted to the City Clerk by noon on Monday, October 31, 2005. The time line is that the 90 day window closes December 7, 2005. At that time the proposal must pass or then be re advertised and the process started over again.
30 November 9. 2005 A series of meetings have been set up in November 2005 to address the issue


December 1, 2005

Latest City Council Document Proposed Zoning Overlay District (Reportedly the latest revisions). This will download the Document to your desktop

32 December 6, 2005 The City Council passed the Zoning Document essentially as in the document just above.



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