Saint Joseph's Catholic Church
Study for reuse of property

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Photos of the Church taken July, 2004

In September, 2004, the city issued an RFP (request for proposals) for a consultant to study the 2.76 acre site for resuse.    
  In November, 2004, the city selected the firm of Crosswhite Property Advisors of Boston to perform the study  
The first phase consists of gathering data on existing conditions and the desires for reuse by the neighbors and other interested parties. The first meeting was held Tuesday, November 14, 2004 at 120 Washington Street to gather input from interested parties. Results of this phase will be submitted to the Planning Department    
  A meeting will be held to discuss the resuse at a future date to be announced.  
DRAFT Supplemental Case Report July 2011    
MHC Area Form A 2005    
PNF Project Notification Form 12/11/2009    
2010 Plan for Reuse - July 2010 - POUA web site  




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