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"Bids to be opened October 4, 2005 - by MHD", as reported in The Salem News 9/21/2005      

Meeting 12/6/2004 Notice

Link to MHD Notice http://www.mhd.state.ma.us/mhd/pubhrng/salem_dec0604.htm


Map showing the area to be discussed 12/6/04

Map showing detail at the Washington Street Circle


Publication: How Transportation and Community Partnerships are Shaping America"

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Maps showing the different schemes for the entire alignment

Brand New Report (October 2000) by the Massachusetts Highway Department, "Task Force on Roads in Historic and Rural Areas

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Letter August 14, 1998 from the Massachusetts Highway Deparment concerning the project change at Parker Bros (JPI) Site



"Hit" Any one of these reports. They are formatted in Adobe ACROBAT. If you do not have this plug in, go to adobe.com and download the free Acrobat Reader

Material from the Ad Hoc Committee on Highways and the Coalition of Community Activists concerning the "By-Pass"