Zoning Text and Table Rewrite

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New - Summary Table (Undated but approximately 2/21/01) In Acrobat format

Zoning Draft 7/31/00 - Open in Acrobat

New law (Word98).pdf

Table of Uses - This is an 8/8/2000 DRAFT of the Table. Comments discussed at the 8/10/2000 meeting are marked on the text. Open with Acrobat - Hit the "Table" below.

"Y" means Allowed by right

"N" means Not Allowed

"BA" means Board of Appeal"

"PB" means Planning Board


It was the sentiment of most of the participants that all USES should have a DEFINITION elsewhere in the code

1/5/2005. The Planning Department has March 1, 2005 as the target date to submit the revised Zoning Code including the Use Table and Definitions to the City Council for action.

Focus of future meetings will be on:
*Use Table

See meetings for schedule

11/15/2008. Planning Department Preliminary "ReCode"


11/25/2008 PUDBPDLetter  

11/25/2008 PUDBPDmaps